• ​"Dr. Michelle has helped me sleep better and get rid of chronic headaches, sciatica pain, and TMJ pain. Through her guidance over the years I found that while other people were treating with drugs, we were treating with adjustments, nutrition, supplements, and exercise."

  •  "After being adjusted on my first visit, my migraines went away completely.  I have not had a migraine in 7 years. I recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone I know.  I highly recommend Dr. Michelle, she's thoughtful, caring and takes time to listen and understand what type of treatment you need. " 

  • "Dr. Fehmel has taken care of me and my two daughters for over ten years. Her care has maintained the integrity of their joints and posture, and has helped them attain their personal best in their activities.  …she has helped guide my family to a healthier lifestyle and I can’t imagine what our life would’ve been like without her influence."
  • "​I’d almost become resigned to living with chronic neck and low back pain.  Following Dr. Michelle’s suggestions, I finally began to experience sustained relief from my symptoms. In the nearly 15 years since then, Dr. Michelle has provided regular adjustments and wellness therapy, as well as treatment during my pregnancies…I will be forever grateful for the life-changing care I’ve received from her!"​
  • ​“I have been feeling so much more balanced and flexible since my adjustments with Dr. Fehmel, and the increased range of motion has led to a significant scar tissue release.  Thank you for the huge impact you have had on my body and my life!”
    Susan, LMT
  • "I was a patient of Dr. Michelle Fehmel’s for over 10 years in Savannah.  I always felt so much better after every visit to her office.  She would not only give a complete adjustment, but would also help with nutritional advice.  I owe her a lot of gratitude for helping make my quality of life better."